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Vascular Medicine
It is interesting that the American National Institute of Health (NIH) has highlighted vascular medicine as a new frontier in medical research in the current decade. Research into cardiovascular diseases needs to focus on the processes taking place in vessel walls. It is thus gratifying to note that the 9th Paavo Nurmi Foundation symposium in 1989 was dedicated to Lipoprotein and the Pathobiology of the Arterial Intima - a topic central to the focus of present cardiovascular research. Moreover, the most recent symposium, on Infection and Inflammation in Vascular Diseases, addressed the new discoveries in atherosclerosis formation, an issue very close to Paavo Nurmi's original motive for creating the foundation which bears his name.

Vesa Manninen, MD and Antti Louhija, MD Trustees of the Paavo Nurmi Foundation


  Vascular Medicine

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